OrderLab Reading Group

Fall 2023

Tuesdays 10:00am-11:30am, 4941 BBB

Coordinator: Yuzhuo Jing


The reading group organized by the OrderLab covers latest advances in the research of computer systems. Students will read and discuss recent papers in top systems conferences such as OSDI, SOSP, NSDI, EuroSys, and ASPLOS.

Each week, one student will present the paper and lead the discussion. Other students should read the paper to be presented before the seminar. This seminar is supposed to generate in-depth discussions. It is impossible to do so without reading the paper first.

The focus topics covered in the papers vary semester to semester. Example topics include fault-tolerance, reliability, verification, energy efficiency, and virtualization. The presenter decides which paper to present. In general, select the papers that are relevant to your research project first (i.e., depth-first). If you are not sure, check with me first before preparing the presentation. Also, try to avoid picking papers that have already been picked in the past (the past schedules are linked on the left-side menu).

The presentation announcements are sent via the mailing list orderlab-talk@umich.edu, which will also be used to generate follow-up discussions of the presented paper. Students who wish to sign up for the mailing list, please email ryanph@umich.edu.


09/05/2023 Yuzhuo Jing

Detecting Transactional Bugs in Database Engines via Graph-Based Oracle Construction

Zu-Ming Jiang and Si Liu, ETH Zurich; Manuel Rigger, National University of Singapore; Zhendong Su, ETH Zurich

OSDI '23 Paper
09/12/2023 Ruiming Lu

Hyrax: Fail-in-Place Server Operation in Cloud Platforms

Jialun Lyu, Microsoft Azure and University of Toronto; Marisa You, Celine Irvene, Mark Jung, Tyler Narmore, Jacob Shapiro, Luke Marshall, and Savyasachi Samal, Microsoft Azure; Ioannis Manousakis and Lisa Hsu, Formerly of Microsoft Azure; Preetha Subbarayalu, Ashish Raniwala, Brijesh Warrier, and Ricardo Bianchini, Microsoft Azure; Bianca Schroeder, University of Toronto; Daniel S. Berger, Microsoft Azure and University of Washington

OSDI '23 Paper
09/19/2023 Yi Chen

Defcon: Preventing Overload with Graceful Feature Degradation

Justin J. Meza, Thote Gowda, Ahmed Eid, Tomiwa Ijaware, Dmitry Chernyshev, Yi Yu, Md Nazim Uddin, Rohan Das, Chad Nachiappan, Sari Tran, Shuyang Shi, Tina Luo, David Ke Hong, Sankaralingam Panneerselvam, Hans Ragas, Svetlin Manavski, Weidong Wang, and Francois Richard, Meta Platforms, Inc.

OSDI '23 Paper
09/26/2023 Yicheng Liu

Cilantro: Performance-Aware Resource Allocation for General Objectives via Online Feedback

Romil Bhardwaj, UC Berkeley; Kirthevasan Kandasamy, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Asim Biswal, Wenshuo Guo, Benjamin Hindman, Joseph Gonzalez, Michael Jordan, and Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley

OSDI '23 Paper
10/03/2023 Brian Choi

SEPH: Scalable, Efficient, and Predictable Hashing on Persistent Memory

Chao Wang, Junliang Hu, Tsun-Yu Yang, Yuhong Liang, and Ming-Chang Yang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

OSDI '23 Paper
10/10/2023 Yuxuan Jiang

Cocktailer: Analyzing and Optimizing Dynamic Control Flow in Deep Learning

Chen Zhang, Tsinghua University; Lingxiao Ma and Jilong Xue, Microsoft Research; Yining Shi, Peking University & Microsoft Research; Ziming Miao and Fan Yang, Microsoft Research; Jidong Zhai, Tsinghua University; Zhi Yang, Peking University; Mao Yang, Microsoft Research

OSDI '23 Paper

Fall Break

10/24/2023 Wanning He

Userspace Bypass: Accelerating Syscall-intensive Applications

Zhe Zhou, Yanxiang Bi, Junpeng Wan, and Yangfan Zhou, Fudan University; Zhou Li, University of California, Irvine

OSDI '23 Paper