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We are seeking PhD students with strong systems building skills (e.g., kernel programming, Android framework hacking, distributed system operations) and motivation for research. Background in program languages, compiler, and formal methods will be a bonus point. Non-technical qualities including critical thinking, perseverance, communication, self driven are valuable as well for graduate school in general.

However, I don’t expect applicants to be skilled in everything mentioned above. It is my goal to help train my students to be well-rounded researchers throughout the PhD education. Thus, students who do not have much related background but show promise that the above skills can be developed are also encouraged to apply.

We are also open to working with Masters and undergraduate students. Students who have taken undergrad OS (EECS 482, CS 318/418/618) or grad OS class (EECS 582, CS 718) are preferred.

How to Apply

Prospective PhD students should apply through University of Michigan CSE admission systems by December 15th and mention me in your application. It is helpful to email me for inquiries before applying (please attach your CV) or for letting me know you have applied afterwards. I can’t promise to reply every email but I do read most of them.

Current U-M students can make an appointment with me via email.

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